Art-Tweet Arts Center

Founded by Ms He Jing, a longtime and passionate patron of art, Art-Tweet Arts Center is a nonprofit art organization that organizes cultural and art activities for the public. The Center is committed to developing the cultural and artistic undertakings and to excavating and cultivating young artists by accelerating cultural, artistic and academic exchanges and providing public services. As a social enterprise, Art-Tweet Arts Center maintains long-term strategic cooperative partnerships with many well-know domestic and foreign cultural enterprises, art institutions, art galleries, and alternative spaces. With abundant front-line artist resources and pragmatic planning and implementation team, the center aims to provide comprehensive and professional support and services for artists and other groups.

“Academic Forces” is an art event brand established by the Art-Tweet Arts Center. In order to build Shenzhen into the “city of art,” Academic Forces has successfully held a number of exhibitions, forums, and lectures since 2011. Academic Forces also works with numerous domestic art intuitions and organizations, well-know artists, art critics and curators, such as the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, the " Art Nova 100" project, artists Fang Lijun, Su Xinping, and art critic Yu Ke so and so forth.

In order to further encourage the development of contemporary art, and to help build Shenzhen into China’s design and art center, Art-Tweet Arts Center proposed to establish Shenzhen Biennale. The proposal has been approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Government.


He Jing

He Jing, Virgo, blood type O. A kind-hearted, tolerant, passionate, and devoted perfectionist and art-lover, Ms He founded Shenzhen Art-Tweet Arts Center in October 2011. She’s been the CEO of the Arts Center ever since and built it into an active non-for-profit organization. Relying on her experience in corporate management for 20 years and rich connections, Ms He has overcome countless difficulties in her tireless effort to support China’s art institutions and emerging artists. In six years, Art-Tweet Arts Center has successfully held 13 large-scale exhibitions, more than 20 forums and a variety of art salon events. Her active role in promoting contemporary art in Shenzhen has won wide recognition from the artists and other social sectors. Since 2013, Art-Tweet Arts Center has gained financial support from Cultural Development Funds of the Shenzhen government. In 2016, Ms He was voted a council member of China’s National Archive for Contemporary Art. In order to further the development of Shenzhen’s contemporary art, Ms He initiated the application process of Shenzhen Biennale in 2016 and won official recognition and funding from the Shenzhen government. Art-Tweet Arts Center becomes the exclusive organizer for Shenzhen Biennale. The inaugural exhibition will be open on May 11, 2018.